Exhibition review | Guangzhou Shell-conning once again appeared in the International Aerosol Exhibition in Ningbo city._

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Exhibition review | Guangzhou Shell-conning once again appeared in the International Aerosol Exhibition in Ningbo city.

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The 9th International Exhibition of Aerosol and Metal Container on October 23, 2019 held as scheduled in Ningbo International Pavilion, a total of two large exhibition hall. Hundreds of aerosol industry giants and famous enterprises are gathering here. There are many kinds of aerosol cans full of taste of heavy metals, such as carburetor aerosol cans, pesticide aerosol cans.. also there are many kinds of beautiful and light spray cans of skin care products, there have successful lines of filling cans equipment, also have stand-alone machines exhibited. All these let the whole hall have the perfect sense, strong and fashionable!

During the three-day exhibition from October 23 to 25, Guangzhou Shell-conning attracted the attention of many exhibitors, relevant industry personnel and foreign customers, by two units of high speed and high accuracy stick tube machines, one unit of high-capacity can loading machine, one unit of high-precision star wheel round bottle labeling machine with positioning mechanism and one unit of double side labeling machine;

Both Guangzhou Shell-conning and Guangzhou Mori Intelligent are subsidiaries of S-conning Technology Group Limited, which is committed to innovation and development, bringing more intelligent solutions to the outer packaging production line of aerosol industry. In recent years, we have focused on research and development. In the process of continuous improvement and optimization, we have developed the aerosol production line: can loading machines, cartons opening, packing and sealing machines, star wheel round bottle labeling machines and stick tube machines.

Through the unremitting efforts of all the participants, Guangzhou Shell-conning won the attention and praise of customers and achieved a complete success.

Today, the machines for the Chongqing Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition have been sent to Chongqing city, and will be ready for your visit on November 5-7.

Guangzhou Shell-conning booth: Packaging machinery hall N3-43

Our team has also prepared a symposium at Meeting Room N-M202 on the second floor of north district, 14:00 - 15:00pm, Nov. 5th , to discuss better solutions with everyone attended.

Looking forward to your arrival!

We look forward to seeing you on November 5-7, 2019



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