Exhibition review | Product innovation, step by step, let the future more exciting!_

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Exhibition review | Product innovation, step by step, let the future more exciting!

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China Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo is recognized as a professional platform for the exchange of pharmaceutical equipment industry. More than 1200 exhibitors participated in this exhibition, attracting more than 10,000 visitors. The exhibition covers pharmaceutical preparation machinery, API machinery, packaging machinery, etc!

The fall 2019 National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo was successfully held in Chongqing International Expo Center from November 5 to 7. Guangzhou Shell-conning had presented the new technology labeling solution for pre-filled injection at the exhibition.

After three years of great efforts, introducing international advanced technology, self-digestion, absorption, development, innovation and creation, Guangzhou Shell-conning has obtained 21 invention patents and utility model invention patents, filled the domestic demand, and created a new product: Labeling system for pre-filled injections.

Technical seminar

How to deal with the problems that have troubled the production in the solution of the related supporting packaging equipment for pre-filled injection, Guangzhou Shell-conning hold a symposium during the exhibition, for technical exchange about the related packaging equipment and promoting the related packaging equipment development of pre-filled injection.

The site of our booth

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The 58th (fall 2019) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo has ended successfully. But for mechanical manufacturing, the pursuit will never stop. All these splendid moments in 2019 have become unforgettable memories that cannot be erased. And in April next year, we will meet again in Changsha city, together going to a new burning event, because it will never end for the enjoy of pharmaceutical machinery.

So, let’s meet together in the next year!



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